Billboard Music Awards 2013: Jabbawockees appear and Miguel hurts audience member

20 May

ABC aired the Billboard Music Awards 2013 last night. With live performances outnumbering actual awards, the presentation was more of a televised music festival than an award show, but we did get more entertainment than we’ve seen in recent award shows. If you missed any part of the show, here are the most noteworthy moments.

Chris Brown performs "Fine China"

Chris Brown performs “Fine China”

Apparently the heavy Michael Jackson influence in Chris Brown‘s video for “Fine China” just wasn’t enough. Breezy dedicated his performance of the song to MJ’s entire career, complete with a dancing silhouette, fight-dance choreography, and a long-haired guitar soloist a la Slash in “Black and White”. Though the dancing was on point Breezy probably should’ve lip-synched to keep the performance tight.

Justin Bieber also used his performance as an opportunity to salute his own idol. Everything about Justin’s leather vest ensemble and dance moves while singing “Take You Home” seemed inspired by Usher during the “My Way” days.  The Biebs could’ve loosened up in his dance steps just a bit more though.

Selena Gomez performs "Come and get it"

Selena Gomez performs “Come and get it”

Bieber’s ex also seemed to struggle with her dance moves; each move looked frigid and stiff, as though she was still counting each step in her head. Despite receiving flack for appropriating Indian culture in her last performance of “Come and Get it”, Selena Gomez performed the single once again with a Bindi, but this time in a more Grecian inspired outfit.

Taylor Swift performs "22"

Taylor Swift performs “22”

Taylor Swift also stuck to a familiar routine while performing her current single “22”. The singer, who picked up a handful of awards last night, worked her way onto the stage acting like an immature womanchild in a tee shirt, shorts and ponytail, as usual. Her small twist? Jabbowockeez of America’s Best Dance Crew fame joined in to dance with her.

Miguel crushes fan at the close of his "Adorn" performance

Miguel crushes fan at the close of his “Adorn” performance

Perhaps looking to be less predictable, R&B crooner Miguel performed his hit “Adorn” yet again, but attempted to add some spice to the otherwise mellow song. In what turned out to be an epic fail, Miguel did a stage dive and crashed onto a fan’s head. The fan was later seen backstage saying she was fine and “adorns” the singer.

Pitbull worked his way onto the stage twice – first performing “Feel this Moment” with a slimmed down Christina Aguilera and then his single with Jennifer Lopez, who dressed as a sexy big bird but was the only dancer besides Breezy to kill her dance moves. Viewers got a small surprise when Pitbull and Christina brought out a member of Norwegian band A-Ha to sing the chorus from “Take On Me” the A-Ha song sampled in “Feel this Moment”.

Never to be upstaged in terms of sexuality, especially by a 40+ legend,  Top Rap Artist Nicki Minaj performed “High School” with Lil Wayne in spandex and a midriff-baring top. The performance started off reasonably sensual and concluded with Minaj straddling her Young Money boss for a lap dance and twerking on stage.

While all these young artists strove to deliver a legendary performance, Billboard Icon Award Winner Prince closed out the show with some of his hits including “Let’s Go Crazy” showing the youngins while creativity and gimmicks are fun, the key to being successful at originality is just doing what comes natural to you, in your own quirky way.


2 Responses to “Billboard Music Awards 2013: Jabbawockees appear and Miguel hurts audience member”

  1. Mollie May 20, 2013 at 10:25 am #

    Why did Beiber get booed?

    • Esta Fiesta May 21, 2013 at 9:31 am #

      He’s getting cocky. Kanye like rant or his acceptance speech

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