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Samsung Releases Trailer for ‘Jay Z Blue’ from upcoming album

28 Jun

MGHCI must admit, when I first heard about Jay-Z’s new Samsung deal to release a new album I had mixed feelings. On one hand, he’s had a long history of producing quality hip-hop with nice beats and great rhymes. On the other intertwined with his clever bars are a number of misogynistic  luxury lyrics. Jay-Z’s rap career did take off in his 20s, when one is typically still figuring themselves out, thus explaining why his songs would exude talent paired with a level of ignorance that would disappear with age. Or so I thought.

As he’s aged, Jay-Z has continued making music glorifying a street lifestyle complete with reckless spending and degrading women, even though his success indicates he hasn’t known that life for quite a while. Eventually, after having a daughter of his own, Jay-Z announced that he’d retire “bitch” from his vocabulary – then used it a year later on his song for The Great Gatsby soundtrack. With a history of back-peddling and refusing to mature (30 is NOT the new 20), it’s hard to tell what to expect from this new album. Will we get a more reckless “Money, Cash, Hoes” Jay-Z on this album or will his recent life accomplishments (growing an empire, having a daughter, etc.) give us the more reflective “Song Cry” Jay-Z ?

JayZMGHCToday Samsung released a brief trailer for “Jay-Z Blue”, one of the tracks from the upcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail album. In the trailer, Jay-Z explains to Rick Rubin (who seems to just be chilling on every successful rapper’s couch these days) how his father leaving him at a young age still affects him today. Jay explains that his dad didn’t teach him to be a man, and he didn’t teach him how to treat women. Now look what he is – a father to a little girl.

I’m personally a fan of introspective Jay. His skills at expressing his personal life in rhyme sound better than his fun yet shallow moments.  Based on this short clip, I’m expecting this single to reflect  his fears of being a father, both the general fears every man has and those shaped by his personal life experiences. I just hope “Jay-Z Blue” lives up to my expectations.

In addition to Jay-Z Blue” the new album includes  “Oceans” featuring Frank Ocean , and “Part II (On the Run)” featuring Beyonce. His collaborations with both artists in the past have been great so I expect nothing less this time around.

Check out the teaser below. Magna Carta Holy Grail drops July 4 – are you excited for it?


New Music: Beyonce’s ‘Standing on the Sun’

27 Jun


Beyonce’s been teasing her stans all year long – releasing an out-of-the-ordinary, southern hip-hop infused diss track, awkwardly teasing a Pepsi commercial with a potential new song and even performing the unreleased material during her Mrs. Carter Show Tour. Though Bey herself has been reluctant to confirm further information on an album release date (looks like it could be in November) or officially roll out a lead single,  MTV managed to find a leaked,  full length version of one of Bey’s singles, “Standing on the Sun”.

Sound vaguely familiar? We’ve already  heard a snippet of “Standing on the Sun” during Beyonce’s ad for her H&M line.  This track is more of a sexy ballad, but still has a bit of a dance beat behind it.

Click below to hear “Standing on the Sun”. Are you feeling it?

Okay or not okay? Left Eye replaced by Japanese artist on ‘Waterfalls’

26 Jun

The death of Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes was one of the saddest “Celebrities I don’t know” deaths in my lifetime thus far. I distinctly remember how hurt  T-Boz and Chilli were when Left Eye passed, and a statement they made about their fallen sister being an integral part of the group that they would never try to replace, which is why I’m confused about the release of this “Waterfalls” remix.

Chilli (left) and T-Boz (right) with J-Pop singer Namie Amuro (center)

Chilli (left) and T-Boz (right) with J-Pop singer Namie Amuro (center)

According to Rolling Stone, Japanese R&B star Namie Amuro subs for Left Eye during the rap portion of the song of the updated version, and Left Eye’s family had no idea until a fan posted it online. Left Eye’s sister Reigndrop Lopes says she’s okay with a remix, as long as it isn’t released outside of Japan.

Left Eye definitely had a certain flavor that made the hit song what it was. Namie Amuro? Not so much. Check out the song, new arrangement and all,  below. Are you okay with the remix?


Wednesday Wisdom

26 Jun

Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin

New video from M.I.A: ‘Bring the Noize’

25 Jun

We still don’t have an official release date for M.I.A.’s Matangi but the video for the lead single “Bring the Noize is here!

M.I.A. starts the party like this..

M.I.A. starts the party like this..

The video takes place in what looks like an all white rave. M.I.A. starts looking like her usual self, then re-emerges in pink hair and bright lipstick once the party really starts. There’s also actual dancing, and no I’m not just talking about scantily-clad women twerking and gyrating to the best.

...then transforms into this

…then transforms into this

I LIVE  for a white party and love any woman bold (and stylish) enough to properly rock bright hair. Though I can’t really tell what the message in the video is, I know it exists ’cause M.I.A. has always been one to interweave ‘make-you-think’ political statements with a heavy bass and make it sound good.

Check out the video below. Are you feeling it?