Is J. Cole trying to keep up with Kanye?

6 Jun

Looks like J. Cole is copying more than just an album release date from Kanye, he’s borrowing Yeezy’s entire marketing swag.

J.ColeKanye debuted “New Slaves”, the first single from his sixth studio album Yeezus, via video projection on May 17 – just one day before performing the song on Saturday Night Live’s season finale.  Shortly after, rapper J. Cole announced that he’d be pushing his album release date for Born Sinner up from June 25 to June 18 – the same day Yeezus is scheduled to be released.

Last night, Cole announced via Twitter, the same way Yeezy announced his video projections, that his new album would stream one time only at specific coordinates tonight, June 6. The difference between the two? Kanye’s single streamed at several locations in 66 cities at different times throughout the course of the evening.  He also gave us a map of exactly where to stand and view. J. Cole is instead streaming his entire album, just once at several cities simultaneously. Although he too gave us the location, he did so in GPS coordinates. If you live in NYC, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, Houston, LA or wherever the hell “Fay” is (just kidding it’s his hometown, Fayetteville, NC!), you’d better figure out where these coordinates are by 8pm EST/7pm CT.


Figuring out coordinates isn’t the only detective work you’ll have to do to hear Born Sinner. J. Cole also tweeted that you should bring a fully charged iPhone, with the LSNR app downloaded, and your favorite pair of headphones. Need a track listing so you know exactly what you’re listening to? He tweeted that as well:


Can’t make it to the screening? Born Sinner is available on iTunes June 18th, hear it then.


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