Lady Gaga releases artwork for new single ‘Applause’

29 Jul

We haven’t heard from Lady Gaga in a while, but the singer seems to have been working hard on some new material.  Over the weekend Gaga teased her new single “Applause” by releasing new artwork via her Twitter account:


“Applause”, the first single from the upcoming album ARTPOP  will be released on August 19, followed by Gaga’s live performance debut of the single on Aug 25 at the MTV VMAs. Though ARTPOP will not be released until November 11, the album will be available for preorder on August 19.


When an artist takes some time away from the spotlight it sometimes means they’ve had lots of time to work on and perfect new material, and other times it means they’ve just lost it. Gaga’s always been one to reinvent herself and push the envelope, but her last project seemed like she’d been running out of ideas.  Here Gaga looks more regular –  no out of this world wigs, just long brunette locks. Sure she’s naked except for the cooky glasses and surrounded by the insides of a computer system but this is tame compared to Gaga we’re used to. Could she be working on shedding her kooky image like Nicki Minaj has been doing? Gaga’s always put forth a solid body of work so let’s hope that the time away from the spotlight and seemingly new image haven’t taken away from her creativity as an artist.


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