Lady Gaga debuts toned down look on GMA – do we love it?

20 Aug

Lady Gaga appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to debut her video for “Applause”, the first single from her upcoming album ARTPOP. What did Gaga wear for her big return? Space boots? Tri-color hair? Avant-garde skirt with nothing no shirt (hey, it’s possible – going topless is legal in New York City)? No. A simple all-white ensemble custom made by 21 year-old Long Island Designer Mathieu Mirano.

Lady Gaga in Mathieu Mirano

Lady Gaga in Mathieu Mirano

As cute as this look is it’s so far left from what we’re used to seeing from the singer. She’s known for her wacky outfits which constantly make the ultimate statement, so this might actually be the most shocking look we’ve ever seen from Gaga.

Gaga seems to be part of a growing trend amongst female singers lately – toning everything down. Nicki Minaj, Gaga’s  fellow LaGuardia High School alum/out-of-this-world fashionista, has been making her transition from wacky to conventionally sexy ever since becoming an American Idol judge and working on launching her line for Kmart. Even Katy Perry has slowly grown from her unconventional, risky looks  to a more adult attire.


Gaga has traded her long locks for a cropped do

Changing up a wardrobe isn’t the only trend Gaga seems to be keeping up with. From Rihanna chopping off her long grey locks for a closely cropped curly coif, to Beyonce trading her signature blonde extensions for a pixie – only to  have a bob just a few days later, many of our favorite pop stars have been showing us less is more when it comes to hair. Lady Gaga’s do is the latest to try the short hair, natural looking hued look and it looks good on her.  So is this just a one-time occurrence or will she continue with the allover toned down appearance? Guess we’ll see when Gaga opens the MTV VMAs this Sunday.


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