6 beauty moments from the 2013 VMAs worth talking about

26 Aug

Okay, it’s a music award show, so makes sense most of the attention is turned on  the performances, but how about some of these beauty moments from the 2013 VMAs?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

They say your 20s are for experimentation and making mistakes – well Miley Cyrus made three last night – her performance, this ugly ensemble, and that hair. Is she channeling Gwen Stefani in the ’90s? It’s not working. Find another muse.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Taylor Swift actually took a beauty risk last night. We’re used to her natural curls, or when she wants to look grown up, straightened hair with a bang. Last night the songstress tried a more sophisticated updo but clung to her trademark red lip. Glad she ventured out because it worked for her!

GagaVMAperformanceThe first change we noticed after Lady Gaga‘s several month hiatus from the spotlight was her relatively normal appearance when debuting her video on Good Morning America one week ago. Last night she started her “Applause” performance fully covered and ended up stripped down to just shells and a string bikini. Why was this so awesome? Gaga has noticeably put on weight since her last public performance and she STILL looks good. She was never shy about stripping down when she was really skinny, and still isn’t at her new average weight. It’s healthy for women, especially MTV’s high school target audience, to see her at this weight and not being ashamed of it.

SelenaGomezVMAsSelena Gomez wore Atelier Versace when accepting her first moonman for “Best Pop Video” and the starlet nailed her look. Whether or not you like the dress, you must admit the deep red lip and nails are the perfect compliment to this dress, not to mention her understated eyes and sleek blowout.

PaulaPattonVMAsPaula Patton had a minor beauty mishap last night. The actress always looks good but one can’t help but notice how disheveled her hair looks. We could blame it on a limo romp, but husband Robin Thicke looked perfect. Is everything alright Paula?


Katy Perry looked GREAT last night with barely there makeup and a sleek long ponytail to let her leopard print dress shine. Then we noticed her grill. Is this a thing again? Please say no!!

What do you think of these looks? Were there any other looks worth noticing?


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