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Paula Patton and cast deliver mediocre performance in Baggage Claim

30 Sep

Baggage-ClaimAfter learning her much younger sister (Lauren London) is engaged, Flight Attendant Montana Moore (Paula Patton)  enters panic mode and decides she has 30 days to find a suitable man/potential husband as a date to the wedding. Realizing 30 days isn’t long enough to find a new suitor, Montana’s cliched pals the single, gay Sam (Adam Brody) and oversexed Gail  (Jill Scott) use their airline connections to stalk her exes in hopes of rekindling an old flame.

During her adventures, Montana encounters even more cliched mates – the seemingly successful player (Trey Songz), an aspiring senator with control issues (Taye Diggs), and globe-trotting millionaire too fabulous to be tied down by commitment (Djimon Hounsou) – but luckily her lifelong best friend William Wright (get it, Mr Wright?)  is just across the hall to console Montana when needed.  Between spending time with her bestie, jet-setting around the country and observing her five times married mother (Jenifer Lewis), Montana changes her mind about how, and why, she’s searching for her perfect mate.

Baggage-Claim-3Its obvious from the moment we meet “Mr. Wright” (Derek Luke) exactly where this story will go but the pair seem to lack the chemistry  expected between two childhood friends discovering their each other’s soulmate. A much better connection exists between supporting characters Sam and Gail as both manage to outshine Patton every now and then with their excellent comedic timing. For an actress not accustomed to being cast as “the vixen”, Scott does a great job but tends to fall flat when trying to make her character multi-faceted. Scott is not alone – with the exception of Diggs, almost every actor, even Lewis who has played the sassy overbearing mother time and time again, at some point either fails in an attempt to overact or simply comes up short.

Baggage Claim is your typical predictable rom-com. Its casting focuses more on famous eye candy than top-notch talent and every last character represents a tired cliche.  Overall, the story is decently written with entertaining jokes – mainly scenes that include Diggs – but from time to time there’s a line that could have used just one more edit.  It has its shortcomings – lack of chemistry between characters, a well selected soundtrack with each song set to cliched moments,  and the most skilled actors (Tia Mowry, Taye Diggs, Adam Brody) are given far less screen time than the less talented stars but all things considered Baggage Claim is a nice laugh.


Best thing I bought this month: Pour la Victoire Purple pointed pumps

30 Sep

At lunch, most Manhattan women buy salads, I however, buy shoes. About two weeks ago I wandered into the annual Lighthouse International POSH Fall Fashion sample sale just to browse but stumbled upon a perfect pair of royal purple pointed pumps by Pour la Victoire (say that 5x times fast)!

What does one do with purple shoes? For starters, I’ll pair them with the faux leather French Connection skirt I snagged last month.  They’ll also serve as an awesome pop of color for an otherwise dark fall or winter ensemble. Since they’re suede,  I probably won’t get much use of them come spring/summer but six months out of the year is enough for me!

I’ve actually been looking for purple pumps since my college days, but for some reason or another haven’t been able to find a pair I liked with a price that liked me back. Normally a pair or Pour la Victoire pumps will run you $250 – $350, but since the POSH sale features designer clothes at extreme discounts I nabbed these nearly new shoes for just $50!

What do you think of my new suede shoes? How would you rock ’em?

Sneak peek: ‘The Best Man Holiday’ Poster is out!

27 Sep

It’s been almost 15 years since The Best Man came out, so it’s about time we got a sequel! The Best Man Holiday hits theaters November 15 and Universal Pictures has finally released a look at the poster for the movie. Check it out below:


The Best Man Holiday stars Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Harold Perrineau, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Monica Calhoun, Melissa De Sousa and Regina Hall, reprising their original roles as college friends who reunite during the Christmas season. It looks like everyone has resolved the issues that arose when the crew last got together, but one can’t help but notice – why is Jordan (Nia Long) still the only one who’s single?

Sneak Peek – Isabel Marant for H&M Lookbook has leaked!

24 Sep

Didn’t move fast enough for Phillip Lim x Target? Start prepping for the next cheap chic collabo. It looks like the Isabel Marant for H&M lookbook has leaked!!

Huffington Post nabbed these photos from the upcoming collection. As promised, it seems the line has pieces for men and women in Marant’s signature style. In addition to dresses, pants and jackets it seems there’s a nice selection of shoes and accessories as well.

More pieces are expected to be added before the line is in stores November 14. Which items are you excited for?


Esta Fiesta’s fall shopping wishlist

24 Sep

Everything I’m hoping for this fall…

Non-black booties

Peppy Nine West, $99

Nine West, $99

It’d be great to have  a pair of colored stylish ankle boots to keep my feet warm. I’m over having to wear my one pair of black booties in the fall and would like a little variety.


White pumps

Genial Nine West InStyle Collection, $79

Nine West InStyle Collection, $79

White pumps have been hot for the past few seasons and for some reason I still haven’t bought any. Some people find them tacky, I say, they’re FABULOUS! I’m hoping I can find a cute pair on sale since it’s past Labor Day.

A Bright bag

Aldo, $55

Aldo, $55

Since I’m not a huge fan of dark colors I’ll need something to offset hiding underneath a big black coat and black riding boots. Any color, whether it’s a mellow yellow, trendy cobalt or of the moment emerald would do just fine.

Leopard print flats

Leopard Print Flats

Leopard Print Flats

I need a new pair of flats and I feel like a nice leopard pair works with most of the fall trends.

I’m on the lookout for all these items at affordable prices this fall so if you see any let me know! What are YOU pining for this season?