An eyeshadow girl in lipstick

8 Oct
Lip Gel in "Seduce Me" Marc Jacobs, $30

Marc Jacobs Lip Gel in “Seduction” Sephora, $30

When it comes to beauty you’re either an eye enthusiast or lip fanatic. Though I’ve always been partial to new tricks with eyeshadow, I just HAD to get my hands on the lipstick shades from Rihanna’s  RiRi Hearts MAC Collection. As eager as I was to venture into a new look, these particular shades apparently weren’t so eager for me.

Just a few uses resulted in an allergic reaction – but I remained determined to find a lipstick that looked great on meminus the medical mishap of course.  A few weeks later while shopping my favorite items from the new Marc Jacobs beauty line I stumbled upon a deep berry shade that I absolutely adore : Seduction.

Me, practicing selfies in my newly discovered lipstick

Me, practicing selfies in my newly discovered lipstick

Let’s keep things clear – I’m still, and forever will be, an eyeshadow girl – but I adore how different and almost effortless of a change lipstick can be. For one, it simplifies my beauty routine. If I’m in  a rush I can just apply foundation, a bit of mascara and finish off with lipstick, as opposed to spending time contouring and blending to create the right look onto my eyelids. Lipstick is also easier to master since the lines of your lips are clearly defined as opposed to figuring out exactly where your crease and browbone start. My biggest disappointment with lipstick? It’s impossible to gracefully eat certain foods, like burritos. I’ve definitely found myself planning meals accordingly.

I’m still on the hunt for that perfect shade of true red. As I stated before, I’ll always be an Eyeshadow enthusiast. But it’s nice to know if I ever want to switch things up I have a simple, go-to shade that looks great!


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