Solange for PUMA: 3 reasons to be excited

21 Nov

While you were prepping to leave the office yesterday, Solange was on Instagram announcing her new job: Art Director and Creative Consultant for PUMA!

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Photo courtesy of Solange’s Instagram

Solange has dipped her hands in almost ALL the creative pots, making her a singer/songwriter/DJ/socialite/fashionista, so this new role could be perfect for her. Here’s three reasons  to look forward to Solo’s design gig:

  • Creative style is her ‘thing’, and now it can be ours too!   Solange may have burst onto the scene as the singing little sister of pop-star Beyonce, but everything she’s done from her music to her wardrobe has always had it’s own flavor – and we’ve always been envious. Now instead of just admiring Solange’s wardrobe creations, we can actually rock them. Awesome!
  • Kicks for girls who don’t wear sneakers! I’m not a sneaker woman for several reasons – mainly I can’t find  any cute ones I like!! Surely Solange will come up with creative designs women like me don’t mind wearing whether we’re working out or running errands.
  • Original ideas and fresh talent! For her first PUMA project, Solange curated a team of four emerging talented designers to create the “Girls of Blaze” collection – a re-interpretation of the classic Puma Disk style inspired by the sights and sounds of Brazil. So if you’re not making it to the World Cup next summer you can at least watch the games and be dressed in the Brazilian spirit!

Solange’s “Girls of Blaze” collection debuts in February, how anxious are you?!


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