Best Thing I Bought This Month: Every Drop Beauty Spatula

26 Nov

When it comes to beauty budgeting a penny saved is a penny earned and this adage doesn’t stop at the checkout counter – it applies to how how you use your goodies too.  I bought a lot of nice (discounted) goodies this month including a Clarisonic (more about that later!)  but none of them compare to this little gem – Every Drop Beauty Spatula.

Every-Drop-Beauty-SpatulaHow does this knickknack  help me save money? By making sure I use every. last. drop. of my products. Usually I’ll turn a shampoo bottle upside down to get maybe three more uses from it but I can take it a step further with the beauty spatula and scrape even the last three drops. Yes – all of three of them.


The spatula is tiny enough that it fits into almost any bottle with an opening. So yes – I’ve even scraped out the drops from those .5 oz perfumed lotion bottles I’m hesitant to let go! It’s got a long stem that reaches the bottom of all my bottles – even my value-sized conditioner. So what if I only paid $3 for a 16 oz conditioner – I’m still trying to make sure I get my money’s worth!!!

The Every Drop Spatula is available online and in stores from The Container Store for $4.99. Five bucks is a small amount to pay considering how much more use I’ll get out of all my expensive goodies!


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