Fiesta’s Finds: Hem Helpers

16 Dec


I hate wearing pants.

I have several reason to hate pants, but one in particular is that due to my lack of height, they’re always dragging on the floor. Sure I get them tailored to fit me in my heels but if I need to commute in my flats and change later? Forget about it. That’s why I’m so glad I found out about Hem Helpers.


They’re not only great for shorties, Hem Helpers are a good idea for bikers as well!

These tiny silicone magnetic clips hold your pants in place, so they don’t drag and get dirty or ripped from contact with the ground.

Black-top-cream-pants-Oxblood-shoesThe best part about Hem Helpers is that they’re fairly simple. Just cuff your pants and put the Hem Helpers in place – the magnets will make sure they stay put. Once you get to your destination, just remove the helpers, slip on your pumps and go about your business.

At $9.99 Hem Helpers are super affordable and tiny enough to slip into your purse without taking up space. Want your own pair of Hem Helpers? Snag a pair here.


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