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Beyonce at Barclays – Best Thing I Bought All Year

30 Dec

I’ve spent a lot of money this year and although I know Suze Orman wouldn’t approve, I’d have to say I’m pretty happy about most of my purchases. I found a $5 gem to squeeze out every last drop out of all my expensive beauty products, tracked down the perfect red lip color and even discovered a drugstore brand makeup remover gentle enough for my sensitive eyes, but my best purchase this year has to have been tickets to Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Tour at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.


I have to admit, I haven’t seen very many live concerts. When it comes down to prioritizing my purchases I’ve often found myself asking “Do you NEED this?” vs. “Does this make you happy?”,  so while I can sometimes justify a $200 shopping spree (can’t go to work naked right?)  it’s a bit harder for me to spend the same amount to see live entertainment.


My outlook on concert spending kinda changed after Michael Jackson died. I  realized that I’d missed Britney Spears at her peak and now that MJ had died I’d never be able to see him live either. I couldn’t continue to miss all my favorite music stars. So when Beyonce announced that she’d be going on tour I decided I HAD to get tickets – missing this tour was NOT an option!! Luckily I snagged seats for the last North American show  a week after Bey dropped her surprise visual album. Hearing new material made me kinda glad I’d waited so long to see the starlet. Though I’ve been a member of the Beyhive since she was singing on stoops with Wyclef, I feel like she’s never been as great as she is now and I‘m glad I got to experience this version of Beyonce rather than the one too scared to try something new.


What makes Beyonce so good? On this self-titled album, the singer seems to have come into her own as both a person and an artist. Her last four albums, though great, were still pretty “safe” since she followed this formula:

  1. Release a single embracing current pop trends (i.e. Diplo rhythms or featured artist like Shakira) and carefully craft an album filled with R&B/Pop tracks.
  2. Be sure the songs, and their accompanying videos, build confidence in women while enticing straight men and providing catchy phrases for the gay community.
  3. Go platinum and repeat.


On her latest work Beyonce sticks to her fail proof formula, but instead of crooning strictly family friendly lyrics, Beyonce delves into more controversial topics such as erotica and feminism. Does it mean this is the real Bey – the one she’s been hiding from us in these carefully controlled interviews and documentaries? Not necessarily, but at the very least it shows she’s grown comfortable in taking expressive risks and it works! Bey’s newfound knowledge of self is apparent not only when listening to the album but in watching her perform on stage. Of course she’s never had problems commanding an audience as her alter ego “Sasha Fierce” but the confidence she’s gained as ‘Yonce  takes her performance to another level.


So that’s why concert tickets were my favorite purchase in 2013. For the price of a Sallie Mae payment I got to see one of my favorite all-time artists belt out her greatest hits while still in her prime. Beyonce gave me an experience I’ll never forget, but just in case I ever need a reminder I snagged this over-priced souvenir tank – told you I could always justify more clothes. 😉


Tank ~ Mrs. Carter Show Memorabilia | Blazer~ Express| Pants ~ Express | Shoes ~ Aldo | Lipstick ~ Urban Decay

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Dressing Appropriately for the Office Holiday Party

19 Dec

In my short time in Corporate America I’ve noticed how much guidance people still need specifically when dressing for the annual end of year holiday party. Note to all –  An office holiday party is still an office holiday party.  To avoid overdoing it, stick to something generally work appropriate but add a little pizazz.


This year I went with an LBD that had just a little ruching on the side. Every fashion blog tells you to keep one in your closet because it’s super versatile and it REALLY is. By day, I donned a black cardigan and basic black pumps, but by night, I ditched the card and traded my basic shoes for an open-toed pair with a fun red bow. This way I got away with a look I couldn’t normally do in the office but I won’t make water cooler chatter for the next day. The takeaway here? Bend the rules, don’t break them.


I also took advantage of my VIB Rouge status at Sephora and popped in for a custom makeover for the party. I normally wouldn’t wear orange lids and a red lip to my conservative office but since this is the holiday party I stepped things up another notch. Between open toed shoes and a full face of makeup I’ve reached my rule breaking limit for the office so I’ll avoid anything extra. Take things up a notch or two but no further!


I know, I know. It’s tempting to say, “But this is a party!” Remember office outings are NOT the same as outings with friends. Yes you can have fun, but you don’t want your boss or coworkers looking at you as anything but a responsible employee. Save the fun and sexy looks for your friends. With that in mind, while I went with a basic LBD for the work party, here’s what I’ll be wearing when I party with my friends tonight:


Don’t mind the facial expression or the blurriness. I was too busy feeling myself and practicing my swag to focus the camera #GahdamnGahdamn

Got more specific holiday party look questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments section and I’ll address them in a later post!

Fiesta’s Finds: Hem Helpers

16 Dec


I hate wearing pants.

I have several reason to hate pants, but one in particular is that due to my lack of height, they’re always dragging on the floor. Sure I get them tailored to fit me in my heels but if I need to commute in my flats and change later? Forget about it. That’s why I’m so glad I found out about Hem Helpers.


They’re not only great for shorties, Hem Helpers are a good idea for bikers as well!

These tiny silicone magnetic clips hold your pants in place, so they don’t drag and get dirty or ripped from contact with the ground.

Black-top-cream-pants-Oxblood-shoesThe best part about Hem Helpers is that they’re fairly simple. Just cuff your pants and put the Hem Helpers in place – the magnets will make sure they stay put. Once you get to your destination, just remove the helpers, slip on your pumps and go about your business.

At $9.99 Hem Helpers are super affordable and tiny enough to slip into your purse without taking up space. Want your own pair of Hem Helpers? Snag a pair here.

Navy as a neutral with Phillip Lim x Target

6 Nov

Navy is definitely a neutral and people tend to forget that! Though this Phillip Lim x Target skirt wasn’t in as high demand as the Boom sweatshirt or animal print skirt, it’s a solid investment and this week I’ll  show you how to rock this understated essential with one of this season’s hottest trends.

Living_Fiesta- Phillip-Lim-for-Target-Navy-Skirt-2Though you can pair a neutral with almost anything, I like the way this navy skirt looks with Fall 2013’s camel and black trend. Okay, my “camel” is a bit melanin-deficient but it works nonetheless. Since the skirt comes with a black waistband and my top also has black piping all together the two make a natural, seamless look.

Living_Fiesta- Phillip-Lim-for-Target-Navy-Skirt-3To avoid overcomplicating the look with too many colors I added my nude shoes that almost match the top. I love this look because it’s super simple but at the same time super chic. 


Living_Fiesta- Phillip-Lim-for-Target-Navy-Skirt-6


Since the outfit itself stuck to the basics, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to rock a bold red lip – and of course I used my new lipstick from Urban Decay.

Living_Fiesta- Phillip-Lim-for-Target-Navy-Skirt-7

Blouse ~ Loft by Ann Taylor | Skirt ~ Phillip Lim x Target | Shoes ~ Arturo Chiang

There you have it. Three simple, yet stylish looks using pieces from the Phillip Lim x Target collection.  Would you like to see more looks like these? Sound off in the comments section below and let me know!

Sporty Chic with the Phillip Lim x Target “Boom” sweatshirt

30 Oct

Phillip Lim x Target‘s “Boom” sweater was one of the most popular pieces in this collection. I went back several times after September 15 looking for returned items – don’t judge me – and besides the bags, this was the ONLY piece I couldn’t find!

Since it was so popular, I KNOW we’re all out here looking for innovative ways to wear it. I personally favor the sporty chic trend.


This season, sporty is going glam, whether it’s baseball caps with stilettos, skirts with kicks or feminizing your sweatshirt. I’m clearly a fan of the latter.

IMG_2677Living_Fiesta-PhillipLimxTarget-Boom-sweatshirt-SportyChic-4Take your “Boom” sweatshirt and add a black flippy skirt. Those blue pumps you wore with the animal print skirt? They work here too!!! Since the graphics in the sweatshirt are primarily red and yellow bringing in that last primary color complements the look well.


Living_Fiesta-PhillipLimxTarget-Boom-sweatshirt-SportyChic-2Sweatshirt ~ Phillip Lim x Target | Skirt ~ Express | Bag ~ Phillip Lim x Target | Pumps ~ Nine West

Like this look? Would you rock it? Let me know in the comments!